About Mike – Rising Stars Mastermind

As a highly successful entrepreneur, Mike Zeller lives by one powerful principle — Don’t go it alone.

Over the years, he has helped launch and develop nine businesses in five different industries over the past ten years, bringing in over $100 million in combined revenue.

His secret weapon? Mastermind groups.

“My first high-level mastermind group helped me break through so many fears. Being around such high-powered individuals radically changed the way I viewed myself.

The result after a year? My income and net worth doubled and I experienced ten years worth of progress in only 365 days.”

After experiencing the game-changing results of participating in a mastermind, Mike decided he wanted to help other business owners do the same.

He founded Rising Stars Mastermind Groups in January 2016 with a mission to help bring passionate visionaries and business owners together to spur each other on to greater heights and collectively become a greater force for good in the world.