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Every company needs a sound and robust business model that scales as life changes. Many small businesses start with a business plan based on guesses. Then as life rolls on, there is never time to update it to reflect your evolving situation. When your accountant nags you, you just feel bad. And your bank manager makes a new business plan a condition for any money discussions so you rush into guessing again. If you want to generate a small business profit, you need to have a business plan.

Be succinct and clear

In my experience, a well-written Business Plan will earn you money ! For small businesses, it can be two sides of A4 – in fact the briefer the better. Four questions need honest answers:

Do you tell a clear story in simple business terms?
Do you show where extra investment (of money or effort) will lead to increased returns?
Do you show where unique value is added for your customers?
Do you explore how you expect to maintain your competitive edge even as your market changes?

Stay flexible and client-centred

You need to consider Scale, Scope and Structure , aligning them with your long term Mission and current Business Plan .

Your mission is simply ‘ Why are you running the business? ‘ State your clientele, the needs you satisfy with products/ services and your unique approach. A strap line of 15 words is ideal.

Your scale describes your team – whether you employ them, associate with them or do sub-contracting.

Your scope outlines the clients you want to work for and your key products and services.

Your structure defines how you sell to clients, the experience and skills needed for purchasing, production and delivery and how you manage your cash flow. Being small, you are unlikely to have departments but you will have individuals following processes within a team.


Please remember that organising your firm is an exercise in frustration . (Sorry I am not joking!):

Time and market events overtake even the best organisation – so design in flexibility ready for when you need it.
Unintended consequences grow with time – so keep watching for the unexpected . Set up triggers to flag possible issues, agree who monitors each flag and make the most interested person responsible for fixes.
Make/ buy decisions always trade-off costs against co-ordination – so monitor how your suppliers and associates effect ‘internal’ costs of quality control, communication and re-work . Be prepared with a ‘plan B’ and re-take these decisions at least once a year to keep people on their toes.
Understand the balance points in your business. But only re-organise once in three years – even small changes take several months to work through a business.

Do You Have a Profitable Business Plan You Can Follow?

What would you do if you knew you and your business would succeed no matter what? Would you stop feeling scattered and overwhelmed? Most likely. Most entrepreneurs work themselves into a whirlwind of scattered energy, distraction and overwhelm instead of being connected to what NEEDS your business attention right now.

Now so often this tailspin of overwhelm is activated by technology. For example, I’ve seen it over and over again… entrepreneurs with no or very few clients jump the gun by trying to get their social networking/media in order. Now you can definitely use social media as a marketing tool to move your business forward, but if you are just starting your business you social media isn’t the what’s going to build your business.

What if I told you to get clients…

You Don’t need a blog
You Don’t need a website
You Don’t need any type of Social Media.

Don’t get me wrong there is a certain phase in building your business when internet marketing and social media can become more of a priority, but definitely not in the beginning. These are all powerful tools but you want to ask yourself a very important question: “Will a [blog, website, Facebook] bring me 3 new clients in the next 30 days?” If you are fully honest with yourself and your answer is “no” then you need to give yourself permission to put the creating of these technology tools on hold and literally be connected to ONLY what will most immediately serve your business.

This is what I call serving your business’ dire need. You give your full focus and attention to giving your business what it needs most to continue to grow and thrive.

Consider this: If your business’ dire need is “attract more clients” you want to first check in and ask – how many new clients am I ready to serve? How will this support my continuous business growth?

Then if you know how to use a phone, you’re in pretty good shape. Pick it up and call people who already know you, like you and trust you. Talk to them; share what you are up to in your business. Ask for referrals.

E-mail would be next.

But don’t do this randomly. Prepare a 30-day plan that has you directly connecting to people and asking for business. Break down this plan into 4 weekly lists: Who are you going to call week 1? Week 2? Week 3? Week 4? When are you going to follow up with the folks you aren’t able to get a hold of? When will you schedule time to have a thorough conversation with each person? When will you prepare the outline of what you are going to share in your chat? And more…

Start with those that you know and then continue to expand your network – into the next 30 days and every 30 days afterward. Why? Because being in business is always a process. This idea is not to be taken lightly or thrown away, “Yeah, yeah, it’s a process, I know this, sure, sure.” Move the statement: “Business is a process in progress” to the front of your mind. Call on the power of the Universe to support you in remembering this. Step into this energy and embrace it. Continuously. Every 30 days.

Your Call To Action

1) De-bunk the myth that you will “Arrive” in your business and hat there is a magic answer or day when you’ll “have it all together”.

2) Get clear: What is your business dire need goal?

3) Check in: What are all of the actions that you are going to need to take to serve bringing your goal to fruition?

4) Assign a date to each action in the next 30 days.

5) Call on the power of the Universe to support you being willing to stay in motion, in progress.

6) Serve your business dire need!

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